Do you have a succession case or need probate procedures in Germany?

German attorney-at-Law, German Certified Inheritance Lawyer and Certified Tax Lawyer, Dr. Marcus Hosser, who also is a Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner, is ready to assist you.

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Areas of expertise:

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Inheritance law

  • Procedures before German probate courts (Nachlassverfahren)
  • Application for a German certificate of inheritance or heirship (Erbschein)
  • Application for German certificate of executorship (Testamentsvollstreckerzeugnis)
  • Application for a European succession certificate (europ. Nachlasszeugnis)
  • Representation before German civil courts and in extra court proceedings
  • Estate litigation in Germany before German civil courts in Southwest Germany
  • Contentious estates, disputes between heirs/beneficiaries outside courts
  • Assistance with the execution of a last will which concerns assets in Germany
  • Compulsory portion (Pflichtteil) or share pursuant to German inheritance laws
  • Assessment of legal claims pursuant to German inheritance law, like special legacy
  • Assistance with estate administration by executors from abroad
  • Legal advice about the German law community of heirs (Erbengemeinschaft)
  • Correspondence with banks, insurance companies or authorities in Germany
  • Advice about European Succession Regulation and its scope of applicability
  • Determination of applicable inheritance law for assets in the German estate
  • Assistance with settling or administration of a German estate or an inheritance
  • Attendance/assistance with winding up an estate in other countries than Germany
  • Lifetime gifts or transfers to Germany-based beneficiaries or donees in Germany
  • Anticipated successions-planning for German assets or Germany-based donors
Dr. Hosser arbeitet am Schreibtisch - probate law germany
Dr. Hosser steht vor einem Bücherregal - probate law germany

International Inheritance and inheritance tax law

  • German inheritance tax (similar with estate tax) issues
  • Estate planning in the field of inheritance taxation in Germany
  • Double Taxation Conventions in the field of German inheritance tax / gift tax
  • Advice for executors and/or administrators about tax duties in Germany
  • Taxation in Germany of lifetime gifts or transfers to beneficiaries or donees
  • Representation before German fiscal courts (only for inheritance and gift tax)
  • Double taxation in the field of German inheritance tax and German gift tax
  • Mitigation of double taxation of gifts through Double Taxation Treaties

More than 17 years experiance

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Client Testimonials

“The legal competence of Dr. Hosser and his team is absolutely top notch; never missing the slightest bit of nuance and analyzing the various aspects of the situation from all angles.

We could not have asked for a more responsive and considerate law firm. Reply time was always within a few hours and never more than 24 hours. Marcus and his team were always there for us. This has been a very emotional time for us and he and his team’s understanding of our needs were so much appreciated.

Marcus and his team’s knowledge of the Law was what made it all possible to set this case on the right track and that quickly, as well as the ability to analyze all aspects of the case and acting on the best method of approach.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Hosser without any reservation! He and his team should be the first law firm to be considered. You will never be disappointed.“


New York/USA

Dr. Hosser and his team are highly competent and all advice forthcoming tends to be extremely accurate and thorough, taking various perspectives into account to find a solution. The team is very detail oriented, all communication is thorough and always with options and risk assessment relevant to options. With all information available, including risk assessment, decisions are easier to make. Due to the thorough initial assessment and risk evaluation provided by the team, a strategy and appropriate follow through plan was applied at precisely the right strategic points to mitigate any potential risks. I would recommend Dr. Hosser or any member of his team without hesitancy.



I had never expected that one day I would need a German inheritance lawyer until my late aunt passed away and left me her home in Germany. By chance, I contacted Dr. Hosser to assist me with the proper proceedings to sell my late aunts estate, dissolve any bank accounts, fulfill any German inheritance tax duties, and any other matters pertaining to German law. Dr. Hosser and his team were able to deal competently with all matters necessary to complete any requirements on my behalf. They also assisted in scheduling a fair price for me and coordinated any other affairs in conjunction with German law from a distance through email and whenever I requested a phone call. The staff was always polite and helpful in sending papers for me to sign and relaying messages to Dr. Hosser. Dr. Hosser always returned my emails or telephone request promptly. I had to travel to Germany only once to sign papers.
Dr. Hosser and his firm handled everything to my full satisfaction and I would recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable, legal, trustworthy consultant, regarding international inheritance by a German attorney at law.


Florida, USA

I am really glad to have assigned Dr. Hosser and his team who are highly competent and also experienced with counselling clients from abroad about the winding-up of an inheritance in Germany. The answers to any inquiries from my side always came fast and a large benefit was that the concept for the German estate’s settlement was presented and the next steps were explained to me, combined with clear recommendations how to continue. Dr. Hosser and his team have even successfully assisted me with the rather complicated sale of a share in a German collective in the estate, amongst others contacted the management and the prospective buyer and helped in many other ways to speed the whole process up. I can recommend the law office of Dr. Hosser without any reservations to any person from abroad who seeks first-class legal assistance with an estate or inheritance in Germany and a German attorney-at-law, you can trust and rely on.

D. W.


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German Inheritance & inheritance tax issues

Dr. Hosser is a German Certified Inheritance Lawyer and Certified Tax Lawyer.

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